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con law primer new 3rd edition

A tool designed to fill in the gaps left by many Constitutional Law courses around reproductive rights. Use it to round out your education, get ahead of the curve, and equip your members with the information they need to be classroom advocates, cultivating robust discussions around these often under-covered issues.

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course survey 2015-16 data!

Survey results counting the Reproductive Rights Law and Justice (RRLJ) course offerings at all American Bar Association-approved law schools since LSRJ’s founding in 2003.

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event toolkits

Want to put on an event but can't come up with any ideas?
Don't have time to put something together from scratch?
Not sure how to get people to care, let alone come to an event?

Don't worry—you're covered with LSRJ's event toolkits. Campus activism just doesn't get any easier than this! We've taken care of the heavy lifting and front-end planning, so all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions and voila! you're ready to host a successful, popular event. Event toolkits are self-contained toolkits complete with background information on the featured issues, a description of the suggested event, instructions for execution, lists of other resources for more information, suggested co-sponsors, handouts, and flyers for publicity. Student Coordinators can request them from the national office by sending an email to

  • Abortion Providers as Human Rights Defenders: This event toolkit provides structure for a panel discussion on your campus that explores how access to abortion can be (and often is) framed as a human right, what remedies are available for violations of human rights standards, federal law, and local ordinances, and how those who provide abortion care face a multitude of challenges while defending and fulfilling this right.
  • Keeping Faith in the Conversation: This event toolkit provides you with information to help you invite clergy, religious scholars, or other spiritual leaders for a panel discussion to talk about the way their belief system deals with reproductive Justice issues.
  • Reproductive Justice 101: the Fundamentals: Use this event toolkit to introduce law students to the reproductive justice framework. You'll find everything you need to plan and execute an interesting and informative event that will educate new and returning LSRJ members, as well as professors, administrators, and community members (including a poster series to help you promote your event).
  • Sex Ed on School Suspension: The Truth about Federally Funded Abstinence-only Programs and Sexual Health: This event toolkit contains programming materials for two related mini-events focusing on federally funded abstinence-only education and prevalent misconceptions about sexual health. Use the enclosed questions and answers to hold a fundraiser or trivia night! You can also use the enclosed script to lead a simulated abstinence-only lesson. Law students may be shocked to see what our youth are actually being taught in public schools.
  • Criminalization of Pregnancy: This event toolkit contains programming materials for mini events focusing on the policing and criminalization of pregnant people through punitive policies and practices, including the shackling of incarcerated people during labor, and the imposition of civil or criminal penalties on those who give birth to babies who test positive for substances. The goal of this event is to introduce students and community members to the current policies that police pregnant people’s bodily decisions and compromise autonomy, often in the name of fetal personhood.

pro bono toolkit

The LSRJ National Office recognizes that students want to be involved in legal service work in addition to community building, and that gaps in reproductive justice legal work exist throughout the country. To address these gaps, LSRJ now offers its first pro bono toolkit. This toolkit provides process guides, resources, and model structures for establishing a pro bono or clinical project within your LSRJ chapter and community.

fact sheets

LSRJ Fact Sheets cover a panoply of reproductive health, rights, and justice issues. They offer a hotbed of ideas for events, papers, and fellowship projects. Fact sheets also make terrific handouts for quick peer education.

Access to Reproductive Services

Legislative Regulation of Reproductive Services

Historically Marginalized Groups

And more current reproductive justice issues

Archived LSRJ Factsheets

Please note the following fact sheets were last updated in August 2013.


Repossess Reproductive Justice


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